Inspiration, Style, Culture...

Inspired by today's urban street wear scene and the simplicity of "not doing too much", the clothing line intertwines history, culture and style. The Black Power Homage logo pays tribute to a pinnacle moment in the world where togetherness was severely needed, especially for what black people were going through. In every style of Bomoko wear you decide to rock, we want to remind you about the power in unity.

Meaning Behind "BOMOKO"

The term "BOMOKO" simply means unity in our Native tongue, Lingala. In a country plagued with division whether it be through politics, cultures/tribes, entertainment and music, we wanted to primarily remind our people that we are all one and we are all the same Congolese people. Many historic moments in the country have been driven by the lack of togetherness, as we yearned for power, pursued acceptance from outsiders and neglected our riches. Where there is unity, there is victory. Where there is Bomoko, there is strength, but where there is ko kabola (division), there is weakness.

BOMOKO / Congo's Riches Unveiled

Just a Paper and Pencil Idea

Founded by the CEO's of the DRC United Business Group Corp., Christian N'Siny and Glody Ekofo, in 2020, they looked to add on another dimension to their business model - A Clothing Line.

Glody Ekofo


Christian N'Siny


Beginning as nothing than mere ideas on pencil and paper, the vision was to create a brand that will become internationally recognized. The first iteration of the brand consisted of hoodies, t-shirts and long sleeves with the corporation logo and name. Although you could wear the styles, the corporation name was not a good name for a clothing brand. Offered as a suggestion by one of their OG's, the term "BOMOKO" resonated and hit home.

Looking Into the Horizon

The team looks to become an international brand that all nations can wear. They want people to be proud to represent the unity that they themselves are aspiring to spread to the world.